The Basics and Benefits of Systems Thinking

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Benefits of a Systems Thinking Approach

A systems thinking approach helps people from all types of backgrounds and any type of system achieve positive results and deliver ongoing benefits.

By applying systems thinking, users gain a deeper understanding of systems around them and move closer to achieving their highest performance. The benefits of implementing systems thinking include short-term gains and long-lasting changes that affect all elements of a system in a positive way.

Educators integrate systems thinking into instruction because they recognize that demonstrated understanding of dynamic systems is an integral part of educational standards. As students better understand the complex, dynamic systems they are studying in a classroom, they can transfer that skill and knowledge to any situation or challenge.

This also applies to individuals or groups within businesses, community organizations and more. Anyone who is a part of a system can use systems thinking Habits, concepts, and tools to look for leverage points to find lasting solutions.

Quite simply, Systems thinking ….

  • Makes thinking visual
  • Organizes thoughts
  • Changes perspectives
  • Improves communication
  • Informs decision-making and problem-solving
  • Develops insights about the way things work

When a person develops the capacity to understand how elements interact within and between systems, and can then communicate these observations effectively, tremendous change is possible.

A systems thinking learning journey is collaborative and seldom a solo endeavor. Share your learning with others, and use the Habits and the tools to collaborate, explore various perspectives and develop the systems mindset that will optimize your ability to manage the complexity of today’s world.

“Systems thinking and the work of the Waters Center has promoted deeper thinking and learning at my school. I’ve found that teachers can better facilitate critical and visual thinking in students, and work with multiple perspectives in an organized fashion. I’ve seen that student can better justify and explain content. Systems thinking not only stretches thinking, but it also simplifies it in the most beneficial way.”

– Alabama Elementary School Principal